France : The Republic of Bananas !

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Do not rely any more on France. This country is completely corrupted. The notable ones are inefficient and avid. The politicians are made elect to divert the money. The country is paralyzed by the incompetence on all the levels. The state makes use of the members of the legal profession to eliminate people who oppose it. The press is not free, the journalists are with the boot of the capacity and the money. One sees emerging a new race of contractors, ready with very to earn the most possible money. 

They are lying defrauders and manipulators. Tax evasion and the escape from the capital and a current practice, allowed by the administration even if it cannot acknowledge it. Justice serves the powerful ones. The currency of this country: freedom, equality, fraternity are not respected nowhere. The new currency is every man for himself and very for me. 

The country of the human rights became the country of the ridiculed right and justice not applied. Before last President Chirac was condemned as a delinquent who it is, last president Sarkosy, a proud dwarf, is put in examination in several businesses and current president Holland who was not elected for his beauty, makes use of its position to appease its instincts. The scandals are daily in France. 

This country lost the head, that-which succeeds is more the dishonest person and the others are sheep which do not dare anything to say. 

The education system is obsolete and nobody can reform it without being likely to lose his place. France sinks. It is invaded by the inaptitude and no culture. People who are creative and have talent left, leave or will leave. Do not rely on France as a supplier or partner you risk the unpaid ones or that the contracts are not respected. This country has any more any word nor no honor. 

Rely never again on France ! 


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