The art of the stained glass 

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Watercolour, Gouache, Pastel

The Fresco

Painting annealed glass

Creative craftsmen

Restoration of the Old Stained glasses


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The art of the Stained glass.

The origins of the stained glass are very old, but badly known. Parts of glass tinted in the mass, cut in the cives ones and sometimes carrying traces of painting were released in excavations as well in the East in Occident (in Ravenne in particular); they go back to the first times of the Christian era, time to which the art of the stained glass took a great rise, thanks to the significant place given to the window in the buildings. Glasses of these incunables of the stained glass were enchased in flagstones or openwork boards, sometimes also in metal frames, or then the parts of glass were crimped in plaster or stucco. This last technique was maintained a long time in the East, but the Occident did not adopt it, because of the moisture of its climate, and replaced the plaster by lead. Today the stained glass can be approached under several angles: Restoration of the old stained glasses, craftsmen creative, painting annealed glass.